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     Virtual Infrastructure Services:

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Internal resources are underutilized under the old “one server, one application” model and IT admins spend too much time managing servers rather than innovating. An automated datacenter, built on a VMware virtualization platform, lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMware Infrastructure delivers resources, applications—even servers—when and where they’re needed. VMware customers typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating their resource pools and delivering highly available machines with VMware Infrastructure.

        Would you like to reduce IT costs and improve the flexibility and responsiveness of your systems?

Don’t let server sprawl and platform dependencies prevent your organization from achieving its goals. Take control of your IT infrastructure and help it reach its full potential with the benefits of deploying VMware Infrastructure to

  • Reduce energy costs by 80%

  • Reduce the time it takes to provision new servers by up to 70%

  • Save more than Rs2,50,000 per year for every server workload virtualized

Our consultants can help with all stages of your Virtual Infrastructure projects
from the initial consideration of business and technical benefits, through outline and detailed solution planning to procurement, deployment, migration and support, we can offer a range of free of charge services to help get you started.  

  Pre Sales Consultancy:

We design and implement solutions around VMware technology primarily focusing on VMware VC & ESX Serverr