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  From Provisioning to Data Disaster Recovery

No other virtualization platform vendor provides the breadth of VMware’s virtualization management solutions. Only VTCS offers a VMware comprehensive solution for management of the virtual infrastructure over the entire lifecycle of the virtual machine. Best of all, VT Computing Systems management solutions integrate with your existing systems management tools so you can use what you already have and get a “single-pane of glass” for physical and virtual machine management.

   Automate Data Disaster Recovery

VT Computing Systems helps to meet your recovery time objectives (RTO) and compliance requirements by using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager to manage failover from production datacenters to data disaster recovery sites. Manage failover between two active sites by having each act as a recovery site for the other. Even planned datacenter failovers in scenarios such as datacenter migrations are made easier with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

VT Computing Systems Simplify and automate key elements of setting up, testing and executing recovery plans with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

  • Setup recovery infrastructure. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager guides users through the process of connecting to the remote site and to the storage replication software in use. It also makes it easy to map production resources, including computing and network resources, to the corresponding resources at a recovery site.

  • Create recover plans. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager provides an intuitive interface to help users create recovery plans for different failover scenarios and different parts of their infrastructure. Users can specify virtual machines to be suspended or shut down to free resources for recovery. They can also specify the order in which virtual machines are powered on, set user-defined scripts to execute automatically, and determine where to pause the recovery process if necessary.

  • Test recovery plans. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager automates the creation of a non-disruptive and isolated testing environment on the recovery site by leveraging the snapshot capabilities of storage arrays and connecting virtual machines to the user’s isolated testing network. It automates the execution of the recovery plan to be used in an actual failover and cleans up the testing environment once testing is complete. Test results are saved for viewing and export at any time.

  • Automate failover. Once an administrator initiates a recovery plan from VMware vCenter Server, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager automates execution of the steps in the recovery plan to ensure that recovery is executed exactly as designed. Administrators have full visibility into execution.

No other virtualization platform vendors deliver on all four key elements. Learn how VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager can take the disaster out of data disaster recovery for your business.

We design and implement solutions around VMware technology primarily focusing on VMware VC & ESX Server

VTCS Data Disaster Recovery