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   VT Computing Services (P) Ltd:  Systems Monitoring and Management 

In today’s competitive marketplace businesses are relying more on computer technologies and the Internet than ever before. With mission critical applications running on networked servers; system downtime due to viruses, data lose or system crashes can be very costly. In order to keep these computer devices up and running, VT Computing Services (P) Ltd offers comprehensive preventive system monitoring and management services for servers, PCs and other manageable devices. These services deliver proactive monitoring and management of a company’s IT infrastructure.

VT Computing Services (P) Ltd management services utilize a non-intrusive agent to remotely manage entire networks and connected devices. When updates become available they are pushed to devices using a highly secure technology without making changes to a firewall’s configuration or VPN access settings. The following is a listing of addition benefits provided:

  • critical and non-critical alerting of server/PC health, network outages, and security breaches

  • pro-active updating and patch deployment of operating systems, removal of temporary files and registry cleaning

  • spyware scanning and removal (Software included)

  • anti-virus management (Software included)

  • Temporary File and Internet Debris Removal

  • asset inventory reporting

   VMware Virtual Infrastructure third party management tools: -

Hyperic HQ will provide VMware Monitoring & Management

HQ for VMware is a pioneering new solution that enables data centers to consolidate complete discovery, monitoring, analysis and control of all application, system and network assets, both inside and outside of the virtual machines powered by VMware.

 OpenESM Enterprise Systems Management Suite

 OpenESM is an open source software effort that combines several of the best open source systems management and monitoring tools

Vizioncore - Vizioncore offers vRanger, vMigrator, vCharter, and vReplicator. vRanger (formerly ESX Ranger) is a popular backup application for VMware ESX Server. vMigrator is a P2V conversion application, vCharter is a performance monitoring application, and vReplicator is used replicate virtual machines or SAN LUNs to other servers or SANs, either on the LAN or across the WAN.

Dunes VS-O and VD-O - VS-O offers a management layer on top of VMware Virtual Center or Microsoft Virtual Server which helps in virtual automation. VS-O is a type of virtual infrastructure management package. VD-O is used for VDI.

EsXpress - a scaleable and fault tolerant backup, restoration, and disaster recovery solution for VMware ESX. They offer the Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA)

Platespin - offers Power Convert and Power Recon. Power Convert is a P2V, V2V, and complete server workload management system (depending on the package you buy). Platespin also offers PowerRecon which collects and reports on all physical and virtual servers. PowerRecon will report the most efficient use of your hardware & software, as well as tell you how much you could save by virtualizing your systems (both in hardware and in cooling/electricity usage)

Veeam - offers Veeam Configurator, Reporter, FastSCP. Veeam configurator is used to extend the Virtual Center console and give you access to more options and flexibility than what Virtual Center provides. Veeam Reporter is used to document, discover, and create a visual diagram of your ESX server farm. Veeam FastSCP is used to transfer ISO files to your ESX server. They claim that FastSCP is 6 times faster than traditional SCP clients. Veeam also offers a couple of free utilites - Rootaccess Wizard for ESX and Veeam Monitor for VMware Server.

VMTS - offering a variety of FREE tools and scripts for VMware ESX Tools such as VMTS Patch Manager, SSH client for ESX, and more.

We design and implement solutions around VMware technology primarily focusing on VMware VC & ESX Server